Advanced From Source to Sea to Sustainability

Advanced From Source to Sea to Sustainability


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 Course Number ENV002-ADV 
 Classes Start January 09, 2023 
 Classes End May 31, 2023 

Advanced Certificate: 

2 weeks 

Total 2 weeks 

 Estimated Effort 5 hours per week 
 Price Free 
 Level Introductory 
 Language English 
 Prerequisites UN Environment ENV002 - 
From Source to Sea to Sustainability 
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You must successfully complete UN Environment ENV002 - From Source to Sea to Sustainability before you begin this course.


Take an extra two weeks of class (10 to 15 hours) to apply your knowledge to an assignment: in 3,000 to 3,500 words write a case study pertaining to waste water management and/or nutrient management. You can apply this to your own specific context – your community, country, occupation, social status, or whatever other forms of self-identification you wish to apply -- or to a case occurring outside of your home region. Describe the nature of the problem faced in the area, the possible solutions, and your own personal plan to remedy/improve the situation.

The essays will be graded by three of your peers and you will grade three essays yourself. Grading will be based on a provided rubric, and the average from the three grades will be taken as the final grade for the assignment

You can also engage with other students on a discussion board to share your experiences and findings with colleagues from around the world.


Students are required to first finish the foundations course From Source to Sea to Sustainability before they will be able to complete this course.

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